cleanup, moved to net.wpitchoune package
[pnews.git] / war /
2017-11-06 Jean-Philippe Orsinicleanup, moved to net.wpitchoune package master
2017-11-06 Jean-Philippe Orsinicleanup and refactored to move to net.wpitchoune package
2017-11-05 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded todo
2017-11-05 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed computing of entities when the article does not...
2017-11-05 Jean-Philippe Orsinihot topics are determined according to the last 15...
2017-11-05 Jean-Philippe Orsinido not load articles older than 60 days
2017-11-05 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed typo in aliases
2017-11-05 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded feeds
2017-11-04 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded feeds and aliases
2017-11-04 Jean-Philippe Orsinicut very long descriptions
2017-11-04 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded support of entity aliases
2017-11-04 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded feeds
2017-11-04 Jean-Philippe Orsiniblacklisted entities are now in the configuration file
2017-11-04 Jean-Philippe Orsinienglish by default
2017-11-03 Jean-Philippe Orsinilimit memory by using only one classifier instance
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsinido classification in //
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded feeds
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded some feeds
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed typo
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsininavigation with hot topics
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed url of a rss
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsinido not use the feed image for the article, most are...
2017-11-02 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed multi term of standford ner
2017-10-31 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded openlp support
2017-10-30 Jean-Philippe Orsinifind hot named entities using stanford ner
2017-10-29 Jean-Philippe Orsinimulti-language support
2017-10-29 Jean-Philippe Orsinimulti-language support
2017-10-29 Jean-Philippe Orsiniload languages from configuration file
2017-10-29 Jean-Philippe Orsiniredirect to default language
2017-10-29 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed stats of articles per category
2017-10-29 Jean-Philippe Orsinimulti languages support
2017-10-28 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded korben feed
2017-10-26 Jean-Philippe Orsinireply yes to prompt
2017-10-26 Jean-Philippe Orsinitypo
2017-10-26 Jean-Philippe Orsiniignore idea files
2017-10-26 Jean-Philippe Orsiniread categories information from the configuration
2017-10-26 Jean-Philippe Orsinireplaced tab by whitespaces
2017-10-25 Jean-Philippe Orsiniremoved useless imports
2017-10-25 Jean-Philippe Orsiniread config from json. Many refactoring to prepare...
2017-10-24 Jean-Philippe Orsiniload feeds configuration from json
2017-10-21 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded NER base class
2017-10-20 Jean-Philippe Orsiniremoved useless var
2017-10-20 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded new stats
2017-10-20 Jean-Philippe Orsinidisplay usage when needed
2017-10-19 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded sportune feed
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed typo
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded some feeds
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed retrieval of the redirect url when there is ...
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded few new feeds about technology
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadded feed for france
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsinibetter naming of the category
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadd a title specifc to each category
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniconverters in the servlet package
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadd rss feed of ibm
2017-10-18 Jean-Philippe Orsiniprovide some stats as json
2017-10-17 Jean-Philippe Orsiniremoved useless import
2017-10-17 Jean-Philippe Orsinicount the number of hits per articles
2017-10-17 Jean-Philippe Orsinilog user agent
2017-10-17 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed encoding bug
2017-10-17 Jean-Philippe Orsiniimprove image build
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed image name
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsiniimage in dockerhub
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsiniavoid duplicate article instances
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinian article does not need currently to reference its...
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsiniremoved useless vars
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinicode cleanup
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed concurent exception when the list of articles...
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadd date in the access.log
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinicleanup
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinisanity fixes about the encodingY
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed margin between imagesY
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinifix
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed scriptwq
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinimandatory first arg
2017-10-16 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed line hidden
2017-10-15 Jean-Philippe Orsiniimproved styling
2017-10-15 Jean-Philippe Orsiniremoved pnews module
2017-10-15 Jean-Philippe Orsinilog request info in a file accessible outstide the...
2017-10-15 Jean-Philippe Orsinireduce log level
2017-10-15 Jean-Philippe Orsiniadd requester info
2017-10-15 Jean-Philippe Orsiniimproved
2017-10-13 Jean-Philippe Orsinino https
2017-10-13 Jean-Philippe Orsinido not monitor changes in the config or app
2017-10-13 Jean-Philippe Orsinionly servlet is required
2017-10-13 Jean-Philippe Orsinibind web context to /
2017-10-13 Jean-Philippe Orsinitoo much log
2017-10-13 Jean-Philippe OrsiniMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsinivarious fixes
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsinihandle / as /top
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsinicompat jdk7
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsinifixed compilation with jd7
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsiniuse jdk7
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsiniupdated
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsiniredirect implemented
2017-10-12 Jean-Philippe Orsiniinit server