• keep focus on project after refresh.

  • keep focus on task after refresh.

  • added support of tasks with deleted status.

  • added urgency column.

  • implemented the cancel button of the task panel.

  • added menu.

  • restore position of vertical/horizaton spliters.

  • added creation date, due, id, uuid, urgency, and start date in the list of tasks.

  • popup menu to filter columns of the table of tasks.

  • allow to change the directory containing the notes.

  • fixed compilation with gtk+ 3.10 (ignore deprecation of GtkAction).


  • fixed i18n support.

  • added --version and --help options.

  • added manpage.

  • popup error dialog when .taskrc does not exist.

  • added --debug.

  • added taskwarrior version checking (supported version are 2.2.0 and 2.0.0).

  • added support for taskwarrior 2.2.0 (avoid confirmation query).

  • added window position and size restore.

  • added tasks sort column/order restore.

  • fixed error message displayed when a note does not exist.

  • new task dialog allow to set description and priority.

  • added project table to filter the list of tasks.

  • added application icon.

  • added remove task button.


  • fixed window close to terminate the application.

  • added README.

  • generated HTML version of README and NEWS files.

  • added fr translation and i18n support.


  • added refresh keyboard shortcut (ALT-r).

  • added new task keyboard shortcut (ALT-n).

  • renamed gtask to ptask.


  • Initial release.