The MP3 files contain information about the name of the artist, the name of the album, the sound title, etc.

MP3Tool is a command line tool for moving a MP3 file according to these information. It can also output the information.


Display MP3 information

Displays the MP3 information of the file ‘file.mp3’:

mp3tool -i PATTERN file.mp3

The format string PATTERN controls the contents of the mp3tool output. It can contains MP3 tag information variables. Move a MP3 file

Moves files.mp3 to dest:

mp3tool -m PATTERN file.mp3

The PATTERN string can contain MP3 tag information variables.

MP3 tag information variables:

  • %c comment

  • %a name of the artist

  • %l name of the album

  • %t title

  • %y year

  • %% percent

  • %n newline


mp3tool -m "%a/%l/%f" file.mp3

will move file.mp3 into the directory artist/album.

mp3tool -m "%a - %l - %t.mp3" file.mp3

will rename file.mp3 to artist – album – title.mp3.

Installation for Ubuntu

The easy way to install mp3tool on Ubuntu is to use the PPA:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jfi/mp3tool
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mp3tool

Alternatively, it can be installed manually by downloading Ubuntu binary packages, see the ‘Download Links’ section of this page.

Installation from source archive

MP3Tool should compile on any Linux plateform:

make clean all

Then perform the installation:

make install

Contact Information

Bugs and comments can be sent to

Released under GPLv2 license terms.